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WS Plaster offers only the best plasterers in Melbourne

WS Plaster’s team of highly skilled plasterers have the perfect plasterer for all your plastering requirements in Melbourne.

We understand just how frustrating it can be to try and find a professional plasterer when you need one. Phone calls go answered, tradesmen don’t show up when they promise, and it’s so hard to choose the right plasterer when everyone seems to specialize in something different.

That’s why WS Plaster exists: to provide the reliable, professional, customer–focused service the plastering industry so desperately needs.

We specialise in new homes and multi-unit developments. Unlike other plasterers, we offer a service with a distinct difference and hope to prove it to you. What other plasterer do you know that guarantees quoting and turnaround times, offer quality of product, excellent service, reliability and flexibility to fit in with your schedule and competitive pricing?

At WS Plaster we only work with engage the most skilled, proficient and educated plasterers in Melbourne. We assess the unique requirements of every project and supply a plasterer with the perfect match of skills and experience. You deal with a single project manager from start to finish, who will guide you through every step of the way.

WS Plaster 将为您提供墨尔本地区最好的石膏板条工





在WS Plaster我们仅与墨尔本地区最优秀的石膏板(条)共合作,我们根据各个工程的大小规模和难易程度分派工人,你将和专门指定的工程经理至始至终合作,给你每一步的指导和协助。