Do you supply the plaster materials for your products?

–    Yes, we will supply all materials you need.

Are your products machine made?
–    Yes, which ensures higher value and superior quality

Can we view your products?
–    Yes we have a couple of completed projects and upcoming projects in Melbourne and welcome to drop by before you make decision.

Do you assign subcontractors to other than Melbourne metropolitan area?
–    Yes, we deliver the interstate and overseas service however this would require an arranged costing after the contract is confirmed

How long would it take to complete your subcontract job?
–    Depending on the various job requirement, it will span from within 5-10 days to three months.

Do you have a very competitive range of service pack?
–    Yes we do, our service is focused on our customers, which allows very competitive pricing.

Which kind of construction jobs can you take?
–     We take residential and commercial projects but we can take any challenged jobs the customer had met.  No jobs is too small.

Do you make estimate quote before signing a contract?
–    Yes  we will make free quote before we take any contract project.  Give us a call at (03) 9877 9907 or Email us admin@wsplaster.com.au if you are interested it.



–    我们提供工程所有的原材料。

–    是的,这是我们质量保证的基础。

–    可以,我们在墨尔本有现成建好的项目和正在施工的项目,欢迎客户随时参观。

–    可以,只要提供合理的预算,我们甚至可以派遣工人至海外。

–    依靠工程规模和难易程度,时间大约在5-10天到三个月不等。

–    我们有,根据项目的不同,我们会提供有竞争力的报价方案。

–     我们承接各种民用和工业项目,也承接各种不同的指定项目,在我们眼里,没有小的项目是不能承接的。

–    是的,我们将对每一个项目做免费评估,给我们打电话(03) 9877 9907 或电邮 admin@wsplaster.com.au吧