A browse through this gallery of our projects will reveal why WS Plastering is second to none when quality and experience counts.

  • Residential – For homeowners and renovators, WS Plaster make plastering projects simple. From a single room to whole-house render, we can take you through the process from start to finish, including consultation on colours and materials, as well as advice on care and maintenance. We’ll make sure you get the look and feel you want for a competitive price.
  • Commercial – WS Plaster work with some of the most established builders in Melbourne. We are a trusted supplier with a reputation for quality, and we have tremendous respect for the people who work within our industry. Our large workforce and broad capabilities allow us to deliver jobs of any size with flexibility and professionalism.



  • 民用建筑 – 我们将尽量简化工程项目,我们将与你们一起共同参与整个项目,让你们从头至尾了解项目的整个过程及后期维护。而这些都是建立在有竞争力的价格体系上。
  • 工业建筑 – 我们将于墨尔本最有建设性的建筑商合作,力争与专业和可信赖的态度来完成整个工程。